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Bio Source Naturals has over 100 therapeutic quality, pure essential oils, pure essential oil blends, essential oil sprays with gem elixirs, lotions made with flower essences, aromatherapy, massage oils,edible massage oils, hydrosols, wide variety of carrier oils, soothing pre-shave oils, perfume oils in a natural oil base, and essential oil blend lotions.

We provide plant oils suitable for therapeutic purposes sourced from all over the world. Discover and buy our essential oils, essential oil blends, and other healing oils and lotions made with flower essences though our online store.
Bio Source naturals was founded by an ND, naturopath, who is a BA Psych, EFT Tapping practitioner/Reiki Master, aromatherapist. 

Review our aromatherapy recommendations from our naturopath. Enjoy free Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Tapping scripts paired with our essential oil blends.