Celery Seed Essential Oil - 0.5 fl oz (15 ml)

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Celery Seed (Apium graveolens) Pure Essential Oil - Aromatherapy - Therapeutic Quality 0.5 fl oz (15 ml)

Description: This oil is derived from the seed and is found in foods, perfumes, and soaps. This lovely essential oil has a history of uses for joint pain, indigestion, urinary problems, and menstruation regulation. Can impair reflexes, and is best used in small quantities. Can be used to stimulate childbirth, and as an aphrodisiac, antioxidant, anti-arthritic aid, as well as a diuretic.

Dilute with carrier oil for direct skin contact.

Extracted through steam distillation of seeds. Originates from India.

Celery Seed can impair the reflexes, so use in small quantities. Do not drive or commit to tasks that require full concentration.

Caution: If pregnant or nursing, consult physician prior to use. These products and the statements used to describe them have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions. Please contact your primary healthcare provider before using these products to treat any medical conditions. Essential oils are for external use only and should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Some essential oils are photosensitizing and should be used with caution when direct sun exposure is anticipated.

Packaged: 0.5 fl oz (15 ml) Amber glass bottle with Euro plug, tamper proof safety seal and safety shrink wrap. Also available in a 1 fl oz (30 ml) bottle.

Biosource Naturals is founded by a naturopath, aromatherapist, EFT practitioner, Reiki Master. Therapeutic Quality. We supply pure essential oils verified by GC and/or other QC testing.


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  • Specific Gravity: 25 C (0.840- 0.890)
  • Refractive Index: 20 C (1.470-1.490)
  • Optical Rotation: at 20 C (+48 TO +88)
  • Solubility: Almost in soluble in water but soluble in alcohol and oils.
  • Main Constituents: aD-limolene 80-85%, beta-sliene 8-12%