Violet Leaf Absolute Oil - 0.5 fl oz (15 ml)

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Violet Leaf Absolute (Viola odorata) Absolute Essential Oil 0.5 fl oz (15 ml)

Description: Very herbal and earthy, with soft floral undertones. Violet Leaf Absolute Essential Oil is a lovely dark green liquid, and great for relaxing, soothing, and inspiring the soul. Violet Leaf oil pairs well with other oils from the floral family and spice family. Other great pairings include Clary Sage, Lavender, Basil, Sandalwood, and Geranium.

Violet Leaf Absolute Essential Oil is solvent extracted from the leaves, and for this reason, very thick at room temperature (almost solid). Originates from Hawaii.

The oil should be warmed before use.

Amber glass bottle with Euro plug, tamper proof safety seal and safety shrink wrap.

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  • Optical Rotation @ 20°C 16° 40°
  • Refractive Index @ 20°C 1.42 – 1.45
  • Specific Gravity @ 20°C 1.00 – 1.10
  • Flash Point >100 C
  • CAS No. 8024-06-6